Waji Khan, BSc, MBA, MEd, DDS

Dr Khan BrushAMania

Born and raised in Toronto, Waji Khan grew up like most Canadian youth, he played hockey and worked at McDonalds. Waji, was raised as a first generation Canadian by parents who held a great appreciation for their adopted homeland. Waji’s father had been a respected Engineer in Pakistan before they accepted the promises that 1970’s Canada offered to professionals around the world. It would take a number of years to work back to the professional status he once enjoyed, however, with much hard work, he would restore most of his academic credentials and would spend 35 years as an Engineer with the City of Toronto until his recent retirement. Although, Waji’s mother would never be able to use her Masters in Zoology, her 20 years with the Toronto Library system was fulfilling and enjoyable.

After high school, Waji attended University of Toronto where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1997 and began his studies in Dentistry. In 1998, Waji received his commission into the Canadian Armed Forces and upon graduation from Dentistry was promoted to Captain, and sent to CFB Halifax. During his time in Nova Scotia, he completed his Masters in Business Administration at Dalhousie University in 2004, and his Masters in Education in 2005. Waji left the regular forces in 2007, and relocated to Kingston where he began practicing Dentistry privately.

In 2012 Waji opened Cataraqui Woods Dentistry. Over the next 8 years Waji built a strong, successful practice iDr Khan Workingn the Kingston community, focusing on being a supportive community business, sponsoring activities as diverse as the Kingston Ice Wolves and Dan Feguson’s race car. In 2016, Waji’s life long love affair with hockey and support for the immigrant community, prompted him to donate 100 tickets to a Kingston Frontenacs game so that a large group of Syrian refugees, Kingston’s newest residents would be able to attend their first Canadian hockey game.

Locally Waji has been a member and supporter of the Kingston Rotary Club and Brush-a-mania. His humanitarian efforts have taken him as far afield as India and Jamaica where he provides free services to underprivileged youth. Closer to home, Waji has participated in free clinics on First Nations and Inuit communities.

As a business owner, husband and father of two young children, Waji has serious concerns about his country’s financial situation and the massive debt which will be left upon generations to come if the government does not focus seriously on the deficit and the national debt. As a health care professional in a modestly sized Canadian city, Waji is passionate about issues such as health care and the financial ability of families to afford quality health care.