The recent pandemic which ravaged the world, made the state of living of those on the financial edge a clear image for all of us. We witnessed our seniors living in below standard conditions in for-profit housing where they died in disproportionate numbers. Far too many of our most vulnerable citizens, received inadequate levels of care while corporations reported record profits. We must demand widespread reform of eldercare.

Senior care should be administered under the Canada Health Act. This would ensure that like other forms of medical care it is provided through a system of public ownership and/or non-profit structures with a variety of housing options available best structured to provide required care such a dementia which is approaching quickly as the next crisis to face Canadian health care. Senior care administered through the Canada Health Act would further ensure that front line workers such as personal support workers would be assured of national guidelines covering minimum staffing levels, full times staffing levels with guaranteed wages so workers are not forced to work in two or even three facilities in order to obtain a livable income.

  1. Many Canadians are finding the end of the pandemic to mean the end of their secure housing. We have seen many of the most vulnerable members of society left living in “tent cities” which municipalities are now demanding be broken up by their law enforcement entities. Municipalities such as Kingston, have the means with federal support and local bylaws to provide supported housing to all members of society.

  2. The Liberals have spent decades studying, and promising a system of pharmacare. When Canadians are forced to spend 2/3s to 3/4’s of their minimal incomes to keep a roof over their families heads it leaves little left over for food and necessary medications. Numerous studies show that sound preventative health care will ensure a reduced health care expense