The Green Party is a party with a full and exciting platform addressing the issues which concern Canadians most. Perhaps, no issue describes this better than the economic crisis facing our Governments, our citizens and perhaps most importantly, our children. Yes our children, because it is on their bank accounts that the current government has written a cheque they can’t cash. Our country is in the deepest debt in its entire history. The current government, which has promised Canadians so many times to balance the budget, has instead driven out debt so out of control that they have broken the National Debt Clock. Our current federal debt amounts to over $1.1 TRILLION, a balance which continues to increase at a rate of $1 Billion a day.

The current Liberal government continued to spend your money in the final days leading up to the election call in a manner which failed to demonstrate the commitment to the environment which they pledged in 2019 during the last election campaign as their candidates stood behind “green washed” signs. They began their campaign in 2019 with a gift of $35 million to NOVA Chemicals , one of Canada’s largest plastic resin manufacturers. They then used over $4 billion of your dollars to purchase a pipeline.

There are a number of strategies promoted by the Green Party and supported by Waji Khan, your Kingston and the Islands candidate which will strengthen the overall Canadian economy. The anchor of these strategies is a strong “Made in Canada” programme; public investments must provide returns to the tax paying public, your dollars must stop supporting public-private partnerships (3Ps), where corporations receive public public subsidies without a return to the government of their share of the profits. The must be an increase of manufactured in-Canada essentials such as medical PPE and pharmaceuticals through the implementation of an import substitution strategy in order to reduce our dependence on global supply chains. We must reduce the practice of international value-added and secondary manufacturing and provide assistance to Canadian manufacturers in order to ensure that Canadian raw materials are finished in Canada and put an end to practices such as raw logs being exported from Canada and returned to Canada as finished lumber or worse as finished furniture.

The current government has made a positive start with its commitment to increasing the number of charging stations across the country for Electric Vehicles and other EV commitments. However, there must be cost recovery strategies incorporated into such subsidies. Canadian Tire can certainly afford to build its own charging stations, Canadians would never agree to government funding of gas pumps without a return on investment. Charging stations are the fuel pumps of the future and companies who wish to lead should be those to make their own investments in the future.

A green infrastructure will ensure secure well paying jobs of the future. Retrofitting of existing buildings will provide decades of skilled jobs with livable wages in order to ensure that future generations are not left behind, and not leave our children languishing in an economy which continues to leave them worse off then their parents.